Brand New Skin: Editing A Zero Draft

A Zeroeth Law of Writing.
Writing those initial words is like a trust exercise that has gone horribly wrong because you never quite hit the ground, but rather keep spinning until you puke something out (how’s that for metaphor goulash?).

Bare Knuckle Writer

There is a shitty part about doing a zero draft, and it is this: sometimes you have to look at a mess you’ve made and realize you’ve now got to make something worthwhile out of it. And, fuck, that seems like a lot of work.

Funny, the idea of just writing it the right way the first time around never seems like as much work. Just think it out until it all lines up perfectly and then write it. Right?

If you can actually do this, then I salute you. Also, I’m probably going to hunt you down and eat your brain in the hopes of gaining your powers.

Zero drafts are a mess. They’re stories without their skin on, just the bones and blood and unidentifiable bloated squashy bits all kind of hanging together in a semi-cohesive shape. It’ll fall apart if you so much as look at it…

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