Happy Thanksgiving, America


Still waiting for the conversation that begins:

Native American slowly walks up to POTUS and kind of shuffles his feet, looking everywhere but at POTUS.

POTUS: Hey sweetie, whassup?

NA: Hey Anglo. You know I think the world of you, right?

POTUS: Oh, oh.

NA: I was sooo excited when I invited you to move in.

POTUS: You made me so happy that day.

NA: Yeah, we were going to do so much stuff together. Discover the world. Make new friends. Redecorate the place. It was going to be great.


NA: Yeah. *pause* Look, you’re a great people and all that…

POTUS: Spit it out.

NA: It just hasn’t worked out like I thought it would.

POTUS: What’re you talking about? We’re having the time of our lives!

NA: YOU! You’re having the time of YOUR life. You shut me out of everything.

POTUS: Sweetie. *attempts hug*

NA: Don’t touch me! This is hard for me to say, but it’s… it’s over between us.

POTUS: This is because of that football team in Washington, isn’t it?

NA: Don’t try to trivialize this!

POTUS: So, you just want me to move back in with my mother?

NA: I don’t care where you move. I just want my place back.

POTUS: Come on. Look at me. We can work this out.

NA: Fine! I didn’t want to tell you this. But I’ve… started to see the Chinese.

POTUS: What? *laughs*

NA: What’s so damned funny?

POTUS: I started seeing the Chinese, too!

NA: *laughs* Oh, my Earth Mother! Are we a pair or what?

They hug and when POTUS is at work the next day, NA throws his stuff onto the front lawn (in Canada).

(Image is property of owner and is used without permission, so deport me!)

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