Meanwhile, in BC – Campbell River, Qualicum Beach

The final batch of photos from my brief vacation on Canada’s west coast…in this case, from a Canada Day trip up Vancouver Island to Campbell River and around my mom’s house above Qualicum Beach.

See also photos of: Fort Langley/Harrison Hot Springs; Chilliwack; Nanaimo Region; Canada Day bombast

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in BC – Campbell River, Qualicum Beach

  1. the second shot is a very rare plant I think…if it’s not a wild rose and has very broad almost maple-looking leaves. It produces a flat deep ruby fruit, the size of a quarter or even loonie which can only eaten as is…no cooking, no jam. Is that what you saw?

    • No fruit that I saw, but then it is probably too early in the year yet.
      As for the leaves, you can just make them out on the left of the frame…more elliptical or tear drop than broad, I think.

  2. I see them now…so this is a wild/single rose, either a rogue offshoot or a deliberate cultivar. I’ll see if I can find ‘my’ plant and take a shot of it. It’s going to be a challenge.

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