Graffiti and Signs – Los Angeles

As I mentioned in my recent posts, I visited Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago (my first time there), and took my life into my own hands by braving the city streets on foot (less worried about muggers than drivers).

While I found much of the city surreal (vs Toronto), I was enthralled by the various graffiti and signage that lined places like Melrose Avenue. Here is some of what I saw.

6 thoughts on “Graffiti and Signs – Los Angeles

  1. LA is full of creativity. I always see something different when I visit for work. Unfortunately, there is a lot of poverty on the streets as well. Regardless, I like the pieces you’ve captured. Sounds like I need to visit Toronto, as well.

    • Thanks.

      And yes, you really should visit Toronto if you like graffiti, in particular, as the city has finally learned to accept it as an art form and there are several neighbourhoods where it nestles beautifully.

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