A friend starts her own journey to happiness. If her blog in any way matches her amazing personality and love of life, I highly recommend you follow her.
I can promise from experience that she will never bore you!

Pipe's Adventure


I’ll be 47 this year and my journey to NOW started about a year and a half ago although at the time I didn’t know it. I was comfortable in my job as a technology manager at a local not-for-profit association. Although the work was no longer challenging, I loved my co-workers, felt appreciated and respected, made decent money and had tons of flexibility with my schedule and travel. It was a dream job in so many ways, and IT WAS COMFORTABLE, so I stayed and found fulfillment in other ways. My wonderful, supportive Vice President agreed with my proposal of telecommuting full-time and spending 6-months in Oregon and 6-months in Virginia so I could maximize my time with family and friends. I had a 10-year plan to stay until early retirement. I had already been at the company for 14-years and loved nearly every moment, so the decision seemed…

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