Travel within and without – British Columbia

It may sound ridiculous to say, but wherever and whenever I travel, I find symbols of my inner journey, the personal transit that extends beyond airline tickets, overstuffed luggage, and souvenir shops. And it’s often not until I arrive home to look at the images within my camera, that I see the patterns.

Am I imprinting meaning where none inherently exists? Does it matter?

Whether inherent or imposed, the imagining of a pattern changes me and the pattern becomes true.

The following are a selection of images from my travels last year through British Columbia, a break before I began on the next great journey of my life, and one I take alone.

Woods you believe – British Columbia

There is something amazing about the serenity of a lush forest. Even as you follow a trail through the woods with other tourists, I find everyone takes a slightly more hushed tone, as though in reverence to what is around them.

Here are some woodsy photos I took on my trip to British Columbia.

The variegation of the light and shadows, and the richness of the undergrowth take me to a place before time. (China Beach, BC)



On the shoulders of giants grows the next generation. (Shannon Falls, BC)



A carpet of green warms the forest floor. (Brandywine Falls, BC)



Where did that elephant suddenly come from, leaping from the mountainside beneath the moss. (Brandywine Falls, BC)


And some images express irreverence…I believe the tree on the far left is the men’s. (Chilliwack Lake, BC)