Missing you


I lie here, staring at the ceiling, and I miss you.

The stillness gently stirred by your breathing,

The sound of your hair sliding from the pillow,

The scents of the day rising from your skin,

The emanating heat of your body in repose.

A space lies empty beside me, undisturbed;

Duvet in quiet slumber, chaos contained;

Sheets unpressed by the weight of day.

Only one heart beats in the silence.

Only one mind wanders in the dark.

Only one body occupies the space of two.

I lie here, vision blurred, alone and I miss you.

Null and void

The sounds of the city

Echo through my brain,

Filling the void with

Impulses that dissipate

As suddenly as formed.

Photonic reflections

Bombard my eyes and

Yet I see nothing

As I stare into

The darkening distance.

As empty as the bookshelves

That lie to either side,

My mind is a canvas,

Devoid of tint or brushstroke,

The words of yesterday

Replaced by so much silence.

The mind has wandered,

I know not where,

To seek adventure

In environs yet new,

To channel its destiny

In fields not yet furrowed,

Leaving only a husk of humanity,

A shed skin, abandoned shell,

To signal its former home

In the expanding universe.

I cannot know

If it will return,

But remain a sentinel

On constant watch ‘til death.

(Image is property of owner and is used here without permission. I don’t recall why.)