Marlies vs Moose

In a tight game on Saturday, the Toronto Marlies hosted and eventually overcame the Manitoba Moose 3-1. Very different game when the two teams met again on Sunday, the Marlies coming up with a 9-0 thrashing to take first overall in the American Hockey League.

Here are some photos from Saturday’s game.

Creative trash talkin’

Canadians by and large are not particularly well known for their trash talking, even in sports. We’re more a smile to your face and mutter under our breath kinda people.

But I am no ordinary Canadian, and when it comes to my beloved Toronto Marlies, I won’t just defend my team, I’m happy to pick the fight. And it particularly nice when I can take a shot at my fellow Canadians.


Sometimes they kinda write themselves


With Star Wars night coming up, how could I resist drawing parallels between Hoth and Winterpeg?

Marlies season opener

After a long and dreary hockey-free summer, I was delighted when my beloved Toronto Marlies started their new season at Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum. The visitors were the Manitoba Moose.

Because of other plans on Sunday, I had my camera with me for the game. I was entertaining family at the game, so I did my best to only take warm up shots, so to speak.

Next series is Sat. Oct. 17/Sun. Oct. 18 vs the Albany Devils. Both games start at 3 pm.