Head banger

You seek, you tap, you listen,

Bobbing left and right.

Grasping a toehold,

Grasping at hope.

Brute force, divine strategy

Mingle into a dance

Both aerial and arborial.

Unceasing, unerring, uncaring

Of the lives you disrupt;

Your murderous needs

Foremost in your mind.

Survival of the fittest

In a war of millimetres.

Anger? Frustration? Agony?

Only ceaseless desire

For what you have not yet.


Spring takes wing – Washington, DC

So, it seems to be the season of the sparrow this year as they were out in profusion across Washington, DC, although the starlings did their best to make an appearance or two.

The hardest part about getting some of these photos was keeping vacationing children on the Washington Mall from scaring potential subjects away.