Blogging and Writer’s Insecurity

An interesting take on the insecurity that comes with opening your soul and worrying that no one will care.



Edit: This post is now subtitled:

You’re Not Your F%$^ing Blog Stats!

I’ve noticed something. Blogging is a microcosm of the emotions I have about writing in general. This is probably a good thing, because having the blog is helping me deal with my insecurities in small bites, a few at a time rather than being inundated all at once if I just went out and attempted to publish my book without the blog.

Writer Insecurity #1: What if no one wants to read my stuff?

It’s only human to be frustrated when you have something to say and no one to listen. You ever have a really good idea and then try to take it to a friend, coworker or spouse and have them just respond as with a “Ok, sure,” and a shrug? It’s demoralizing when your great idea does not generate the same enthusiasm in other people.

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