Falling into autumn

Last week, I took my camera out to catch a glimpse of nearby Toronto’s Kew Gardens and the fading remnants of our Remembrance Day commemorations.

Lost in Austin

Although I was in Austin to attend the amazing screenwriters’ conference attached to the Austin Film Festival, I did manage to make my way around town with my camera (and cell phone).

Sadly, it was not until the day I left that I discovered the amazing trail around Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake). Next year, I will be back with a vengeance to record the trail and its astounding diversity of flora and fauna.

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Autumn in the backyard

As I was putting trash into the bins behind the house, I was caught by the profusion of colour pouring down the wall at the back of the yard. What is usually variegated blanket of green had exploded into a rainbow.

Autumn colours

Another wander along the boardwalk brings colour and a bit of a sprinkle.

Keep away from my nuts

Yesterday, we checked out the birds of autumn. Today, it is a few furry friends I met in the cemetery who very warily kept an eye on me.

I guess I can understand that. Any movement in a cemetery must be a tad unnerving.

Autumn birds

As I mentioned earlier, I took a bit of a walk to visit my grandparents’ grave yesterday and brought along my camera. During my expedition, I was glad to see that a number of animals had not yet given up on Toronto and could still be found, prepping for the coming winter.

Today, the birds.

Never surrender (summer) – Part Deux

More photos from my sandy walk along Toronto’s beaches.

Never surrender (summer)

Even as the overnight temperatures in Toronto reach the mid-single digits Celsius (about 40 F), a few die-hards–human, animal and vegetable–have refused to give up on the beach.