Bombast of Victoria Day – part two

As promised, a few more shots of colour and fire from Monday’s Victoria Day celebrations along the eastern Beaches of Toronto.

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Bombast of Victoria Day – part one

Although not officially summer, the Victoria Day Weekend (aka May 2-4 weekend) signals the beginning of warmer weather and summer breezes in much of Canada. It is the weekend that everyone starts to plant their gardens, and when people abandon the big city for cottage country.

It is also the first of two weekends of fireworks (the other being July 1, Canada Day), and I am fortunate enough to live down the beach from one of the biggest fireworks shows in Toronto. Here are a handful of shots (blasts) from last night.


Of to visit with a friend at a local baconery (not bakery, but baconery…a restaurant called Rashers dedicated solely to bacon) and decided to take my camera with me, catching some of the gardens and a surprise guest along the way.

Never surrender (summer) – Part Deux

More photos from my sandy walk along Toronto’s beaches.

Never surrender (summer)

Even as the overnight temperatures in Toronto reach the mid-single digits Celsius (about 40 F), a few die-hards–human, animal and vegetable–have refused to give up on the beach.

Let’s go to the Ex – Part Two

Okay…so after 4 days without Internet access, here is the remainder of the images from the CNE (following up on Part One).

Canada Day relaxations

Thank goodness the Fathers of Confederation picked July 1 as the day to form the Dominion of Canada.

The thought of possibly celebrating on something like February 3 literally sends shivers down my spine and would have kept me from getting any pictures of people just relaxing on the warm summer’s day.

Whither Spring in Toronto?

Previous post was obviously a false alarm…my apologies to all.

After several days of rain, freezing rain and a touch of hail, I thought it would be nice to remind Torontonians and people in a like weather scenario what Spring and Summer look like.