Memories of Iceland

Can’t believe that it is has been four years since I first set foot in that bizarre otherworldly island paradise.

To stand where the Earth is wrenching itself apart, to walk along cracks in million year old lava flows, to feel just a smidge of the planet’s inner thermal turmoil is to be humbled.

Seeing this photos again reminded me how badly I need to go back to Reykjavik and those wonderful lava fields, the juxtaposition of life and death.

Gotta let it out

Do you ever feel like there is an idea inside you just waiting to burst forth? Like you can’t control the energy that is welling up?

It is there, just below the surface, and no matter how much you try to suppress it–it’s not ready; I’ll embarrass myself; what will others think–you really have no choice but to show it to anyone who passes by.

Congratulations, you’re an artist. Welcome to the club. Oh, and you might want to stand back…someone else is ready to explode.

(Photos taken at Geyser, Iceland.)