Shapes and colours – Toronto style

A seemingly random assortment of images highlighting the unusual and unexpected.

Summer in the City – Toronto-style

No monsters today, just people taking in the sights and enjoying the beautiful weather on a Sunday afternoon.

Monstrous Toronto

While wandering the streets of Toronto yesterday with a couple friends, we stumbled through the Kensington Market region in the downtown core, which becomes an urban pedestrian market every Sunday.

At one end, a series of creatures emerged from the overgrown garden of a house, catching my eye and my imagination.

I haven’t been through the artist Moses Kofi’s web site, but offer it (and some of his creations) here for your amusement and intrigue.

PS I am in no way connected with the artist…I just really like his stuff!

RC Scanner – Toronto markets

As I continue to plunge my way through a series of magazine features and a new screenwriting class, I haven’t had as much time to write for the blog, so here is another dip into my personal photo archives.

For all its concrete canyons, Toronto has some amazing neighbourhoods and open markets. Two, in particular, form the core of the city, places where the entire city–people of a thousand backgrounds–can gather to shop, drink and talk: Chinatown and Kensington Market.