Day at the Beach – Not Feathers

Birds seemed to be my primary focus on Sunday while I wandered the boardwalk in the east end of Toronto.

Today, it is the grand compilation of everybody else.

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The new neighbours

Rather than unpack yesterday afternoon, I decided to take a walk around my new neighbourhood and get to know the neighbours.

Go fly a kite

Have you ever taken your camera out for a stroll and accidentally come upon a party? Well, it happened to me while wandering The Mall in Washington, DC, approaching the Washington Monument.

What started as a couple of kites fluttering through the sky on a sunny, windy day quickly degenerated into a morass of people all trying to get kites into the air, lines crossing and wrapping around tree limbs. Kids practically being lifted off the ground by kites much too large.

It was as though a rainbow had exploded and rained down on the people below. Chaotic, but definitely spirit-lifting.