Colourful interludes

After completing my day at The Ex (see Back to visit the Ex), I still had to get home and because the weather was so cool, if grey, I decided to wander along Toronto’s waterfront.

The new neighbours

Rather than unpack yesterday afternoon, I decided to take a walk around my new neighbourhood and get to know the neighbours.

Bird is the Word – Toronto

A few more images from my Canada Day wanderings.

Canada Day relaxations

Thank goodness the Fathers of Confederation picked July 1 as the day to form the Dominion of Canada.

The thought of possibly celebrating on something like February 3 literally sends shivers down my spine and would have kept me from getting any pictures of people just relaxing on the warm summer’s day.

Sunny Toronto

A few more shots from my recent trip down to Toronto’s waterfront, including some taking in the sights across from Billy Bishop Airport.

Flagged content

In case anyone ever tries to tell you Canadians aren’t overtly patriotic, let me set the record straight.

Waterfront birds

Another sunny day and another errand can mean only one thing: another day traipsing around with the camera.

A few more scenery shots than usual–different lens–but this first batch is dedicated to the most fowl of Lake Ontario.

Sunny Toronto – Part One – People

It seems that it is official…Spring has finally arrived in the megalopolis in the middle of the Great White North (or Toronto for those keeping track).

Drawn to the sunshine like many of my cave-dwelling brethren, I surfaced with my camera earlier today and share some of the activities my other trogs were up to.

Oh, and if you ever had to know, it takes about 5 hours to take a leisurely walk across one quarter of Toronto’s waterfront.

Waterfront wanderings – Toronto

The summer of 2012 was an amazing time to walk the streets of Toronto, camera in hand. The weather was gorgeous–most days providing incredible sun–and the temperatures never got uncomfortable for human or beast. Life abounded in profusion.

The following are some shots I managed while meandering my way along the Toronto waterfront. I didn’t have to wander too far to get some interesting photos.

Chinese lanterns – Toronto

Easily, one of the best things about living in a city like Toronto is the multicultural mix. No matter what types of food, what types of clothing, what types of people you want to meet, you can find it in Toronto.

For several years–but sadly, no longer–Toronto played host to a Chinese lantern festival on its waterfront, a spectacle of light and colour that only became more impressive the darker the evening.

These are a few of my favourite recollections.