Obnoxiously happy



Dear World,

My apologies if my happiness has gotten a tad obnoxious of late, but my life is blessed in so many ways that I simply cannot keep the joy inside, nor truthfully do I wish to.

Alongside the wonderful gifts I am given every day, I am routinely presented with insane opportunities to express and explore the passions that light up my soul, whether it is writing or photography or sharing knowledge.

But beyond even that, I sit in complete awe at the wondrous passions of the people around me; people with amazing visions of who they are and how the world can be.

I know painters and actors and writers and musicians; parents and partners and children and pets; athletes and industrialists and service workers and technicians. And every single one of those people bring me insane joy simply by following their own passions, whether within their titles or not, and allowing me to be witness and in some cases, participant.

Even watching perfect strangers experience their worlds, or Nature express itself from day to day, brings a beauty and elegance that I simply did not choose to see in my former life but do now.

So how can my heart not burst forth, my spirit soar and the laughter ring forth?

I am both a newborn child seeing things for the first time and an ageless ancient finally understanding the patterns that have always splayed out before my once dulled eyes.

That is my joy. That is my happiness. That is my love.

And unasked, that is what I share with the world.

Not quite dead – an update

Hey folks,

For those of you who may be wondering, did he lose all of his fingers in a fire, the answer is no, I just haven’t really had the capacity or inspiration to write much of late.

Between a beautiful week in Victoria (as evidenced by the photographs) to a serious chest cold (worst vacation souvenir EVAR!) to moving to a new apartment, I just haven’t had the brain space to put pen to paper (I’m old fashioned that way) for anything more than my screenwriting homework.

I am, however, a writer at the chromosomal level, and so I fully expect to be back in full verbosity in the near future, when I will continue to astound (?), inspire (?), inflame (?) and amuse (??) you.

Until then, I wish you well and say “Ooh, look, it’s a bee!”


New neighbourhood