In their eyes – Toronto Zoo

I don’t know if we have souls. But if we do, I have trouble believing only humans have souls.

There is depth and understanding in the eyes of other creatures, whether I put it there or a higher power did.

I spent some time at the local zoo last year and these are some photos that felt particularly powerful to me. Feel free to provide your own insights on what they are thinking, feeling.

She lay there next to her sleeping mother, curious about the animals beyond the cage and ignoring the odd one through the plexiglas.



This was the most troublesome photo of the day for me. I found his stare disturbing.



I’m not sure if it’s the eyes or the curve of the mouth, but there is a bored sadness about him for all his inherent beauty and serenity.



Something is going to happen…he just hasn’t figured out what, yet.



This was definitely a Taxi Driver moment. Total De Niro.



Wish I could have gotten a better angle on her, but she wasn’t going to just give it to me.



Really? That’s what she chose to wear to the zoo, today?Image

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