Loathe to sloth

I have to be the only person I know for whom the mammal sloth and the deadly sin sloth are seemingly unrelated.

As I traveled Costa Rica recently, my eagle-eyed brother spotted an amorphous blotch in the tree tops at the side of the highway, so we stopped.

After a few clouds parted, the blotch slowly unwound and took the form of a sloth…a very active sloth, in fact…wait, two very active sloths.

The following photos were taken between Volcan Arenal and La Fortuna.

Man, who woke me up? I took lots of photos of a bundle of mossy fur, only to suddenly have her unfurl and make a move up the tree.



Mom, why is it suddenly so bright? We were astounded when we realized it wasn’t just one sloth but a family.


Hey you, with the camera, bugger off! Look at that face…for an animal that usually looks dead, this one is pretty animated. Wondering if baby has something to do with it.



Who you yelling at, mom? I can only imagine how large the baby’s claws are and what they would do to mom if she didn’t have that thick shag.



Snack time.


The great thing about photographing sloths is once you have a good angle, you have all day to click away. They move, but not very quickly, and given their roost about 50 feet off the ground, they don’t really have to.

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