Waterfalls…but only when pushed

Considering my fear of heights (I can’t even watch a film of a cliff face), my fascination with waterfalls intrigues me. There is something about the descent of all that water that just amazes me.

Maybe it’s the power. Maybe it’s the freedom. I know there’s a thrill.

The following photos were taken in a variety of locations, including British Columbia, Costa Rica and Las Vegas.

2 thoughts on “Waterfalls…but only when pushed

    • Thanks.

      There is a scene in the movie Skyfall where Bond is fighting someone in a skyscraper and they blow out the floor-to-ceiling window…they then move the fight to the ledge, at which point I let the music tell me when I could look again. (Nausea does not belong in a movie theatre.)

      As to the spiders, you’ll love some of my other photo posts, as well as some future ones. I have a fascination with the websters, although am in no hurry to have one crawl on me.

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