Meanwhile, in BC – Chilliwack

Not just a Canadian band of the 70s and 80s, Chilliwack is also a small town in Southern BC, a couple of hours west of Vancouver.

It also happens to be where my mom lived until a few days ago (before she moved).

So let me ask you, Whatcha Gonna Do?

See also, photos of: Fort Langley/Harrison Hot Springs

On the water – British Columbia

A few more shots in and around the waterways of central British Columbia.

Mother’s Day

Beating the race to post the first Mother’s Day tribute on my blog.

With one exception, these are all photos from my trip to British Columbia last autumn, and I am confident that my mom will think she looks like hell in each and everyone of these photos. That’s my mom!

Life is messy

Reflections on things we cannot control

(Respectively, photos taken in Toronto; Hope, BC; New York City; China Beach, BC; Chilliwack, BC; Volcan Arenal, Costa Rica; and Montezuma, Costa Rica)

Star Gazer

I sit on my front step,

staring up at the sky,

and I see her face before mine.

The light of the waning moon

mingles with strands of her hair of pitch

and shines off the lock o’er her brow.


Her smiling eyes stare back at me

and myriad stars twinkle

in the moist dark pools.

I dive into this ocean,

the universe of my destiny,

to swim among creatures fantastical.


The warmth of her body

in the cool evening air

waves across me with its welcoming tide;

and the sweet aroma of her tropical breath

is a nectar upon which I feed;

A breath of life and love,

rejuvenating my soul.


The air is disturbed

by the rise and fall of her chest,

and scarf slides from her shoulder.

The colours of her garment

flicker briefly in the moon,

as its light passes through thin matter,

and the silence is broken

by the light shuffle of silk

against her satin flesh.


I grow drunk on her perfume;

I’m lightened by the joy of her smile,

and all the concerns of the day

melt with her touch.

She is my universe

and I shall never want.


(Blue moon over Chilliwack, BC.)


Taking wing in BC – Chilliwack

As some of you have already discovered, I am a sucker for anything that creeps, crawls and flits, so it should come as no surprise that while I wandered the paths of Minter Gardens, outside Chilliwack, BC, that my eye was tuned to the slightest movements among the myriad flowers.

Here are some of the photos that came through.

It wasn’t until I blew up the photo that I saw the small flowers that explained her interest.


I like the way the petals practically mirror her wings as she works so intently.


How one walks on this flower I have no idea, but she seemed to have no trouble.


These guys always looked like they were on their last legs…a little too ragged to get off the ground.


On flowers like this, it was almost impossible to see these butterflies at first glance.


The angle couldn’t have been any better for this shot from my perspective.


The purity of his white next to the satin-like red of the flower was just amazing to me.


I wanted to capture some of the chaotic nature of the garden with the butterfly…could have done better, but it’s nice.


Just hanging out, taking 10.