Taking wing in BC – Chilliwack

As some of you have already discovered, I am a sucker for anything that creeps, crawls and flits, so it should come as no surprise that while I wandered the paths of Minter Gardens, outside Chilliwack, BC, that my eye was tuned to the slightest movements among the myriad flowers.

Here are some of the photos that came through.

It wasn’t until I blew up the photo that I saw the small flowers that explained her interest.


I like the way the petals practically mirror her wings as she works so intently.


How one walks on this flower I have no idea, but she seemed to have no trouble.


These guys always looked like they were on their last legs…a little too ragged to get off the ground.


On flowers like this, it was almost impossible to see these butterflies at first glance.


The angle couldn’t have been any better for this shot from my perspective.


The purity of his white next to the satin-like red of the flower was just amazing to me.


I wanted to capture some of the chaotic nature of the garden with the butterfly…could have done better, but it’s nice.


Just hanging out, taking 10.


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