What I miss most


Despite being divorced, I will be forever grateful for my amazing marriage and am fortunate to maintain a friendship with my former spouse that will hopefully last a lifetime.

But even with that companionable joy, there are things I miss about sharing my life with another, moments and situations remembered with a smile and an emptiness.

Walking into a room and knowing you were there.

My lap being used as an ottoman while watching TV.

Resting my head on a cushion and smelling your perfume.

Knowing you’ll be completely unconscious 10 minutes into the movie you chose.

Feeling the bed jostle as you roll over in the middle of the night.

Sensing your skin millimeters before actually touching it.

Shared silence.

A bed that is mussed on both sides.

Watching you engrossed in an activity.

Knowing you’ll be home any minute.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, whether partnered or not.


So much symbolism wrapped up in something so temporal

So much symbolism wrapped up in something so temporal

I didn’t bring you flowers today.

I know I usually do on Thursdays,

But that’s just it, the problem,

I usually do on Thursdays.

Flowers have become rote;

Like the sunrise and sunset.

Assumed, ignored, a fact,

Something we take as a given.

And not just by you, you see,

But by me, the florist, the neighbour.

If you don’t get flowers today,

It’s not that I love you any less,

That you have become less important,

But that you are too important for trivia.

Flowers should be special—are special—

Like each and every sunrise and sunset.

They should be adored and admired

Like I adore and admire you every day.

Flowers should make people stop

And smile, and breathe, and think.

Every flower should be a memory

Burned into our brains, triggering

Love, joy, serenity, excitement, bliss.

I didn’t bring you flowers today.

I know I usually do on Thursdays,

But not today.

Today, I brought you feathers.

BC creep crawlies – Chilliwack area

As you’ll eventually learn, I have a special place in my heart for critters and particularly creepy crawlies, photographing them every chance I get. Again, going to have to learn how to use a macro lens.

The photos that follow are from a couple days with family in the Chilliwack area of British Columbia, which much like Volcan Arenal has been amazingly dormant for years.

The contrasting textures were too much to pass on when I saw this little guy in my mother’s back yard.



Sequestered in the bottom of a terrace lamp, this scary looking guy would descend in the evening to catch prey attracted to the light (or anyone foolish enough to bump into him).



It wasn’t until I started playing with the image that I saw the ant and decided he had to be included in the cropping.



Yes, I believe they are doing what you think they’re doing. What really attracted me though–aside from insect porn–was the way the light shone through their wings, colouring the rocks below.



I was so happy that one of these frames was actually usable as I must have taken a dozen shots of this guy.



This one and the next one were taken in a park and the biggest challenge I faced was the wind blowing the spider in and out of focus. I’m never quite organized enough to set up a wind break.



Regardless of what you may personally think about spiders, you have to admit his colours are amazing (or you don’t).



Butterflies and moths fascinate me. They always look like they will disintegrate into a fine powder on the next strong breeze.