Of to visit with a friend at a local baconery (not bakery, but baconery…a restaurant called Rashers dedicated solely to bacon) and decided to take my camera with me, catching some of the gardens and a surprise guest along the way.

Tar Pits – Los Angeles

And when I wasn’t looking at signs, one of the few touristy things I did in Los Angeles was visit the La Brea Tar Pits and the George C. Page Museum.

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Naturally Christmas Day

As I headed off for my Christmas feast in downtown Toronto, I took a bit of time to photograph some of the natural and urban wonders of my city.

Attached, are some of the natural attractions as Toronto chips its way out of the latest ice storm.

Not yet, autumn

As the air turns chilly in Toronto and cloud obscures the sun, a last reminder of some of the botanic splendour from this past summer.

I know I wood

Another lovely morning and another traipse through a nearby ravine, checking out the flora and fauna (as well as a few protists, dirt and water).

Plant one on me

While I am addicted to the kingdom Animalia, I must admit to an expanding appreciation for plants.

There is a certain elegant simplicity at their most superficial that masks a magnificent complexity within. While typically more stationary than most animals, aside from the odd breeze, these biologic wonders seem to be more than capable of a vivacity that borders on personality.

I appreciate that I am romanticizing them, but how can you look at the following images and not think that there is something going on. And it’s not the photographer’s talent. They are spectacular, I just captured the spectacle.

Botanical beach bounty

A few of the amazing flowers and plants I discovered on my recent walk along the boardwalks and parks in my neighbourhood. (Don’t worry, more bees on the horizon.)

Victorian flora

Or the flowers of Victoria, to be more precise.

A few snaps from my wanderings around Canada’s jewel on the west coast and capital of British Columbia.