Cloud shadows slink among verdant hills

As winged scorpions speckle the air.

The modest murmur of breeze and wave

Is punctuated by staccato calls

Of feathered sentries, alarumed

By movements both broad and subtle.

A sudden stillness hijacks all,

Water rent astride by bow and oar.

A lone traveller, immune to life,

Slices the water in a multihued dugout;

Eye set on the horizon, oblivious

To anguished muscles and sinews,

Passing through the natural world

And yet so much a part of it.

Eddies left behind are enveloped

Quickly by unseen currents;

And all that was before

Is as it was again; peaceful, silent.


The Apian Way in Victoria

Hi, my name is Randy, and I am addicted to photos of bees. I think it all started back in 1923, when I took a job as a B-girl in Las Vegas…

Working it, in Victoria

And to prove I am not just about the flora and fauna, I present the people of Victoria…okay, just a handful, but it should give you an idea.

Aves Victorianum

Some of the fine-feathered freeloaders I saw on my trip to Victoria.

Victorian flora

Or the flowers of Victoria, to be more precise.

A few snaps from my wanderings around Canada’s jewel on the west coast and capital of British Columbia.

Deer, no headlights

While moving my laptop back indoors from my brother’s back deck, I heard a noise from the cliff face above. A small family of deer were moving through the brush and seemed to be concerned about me not in the slightest.