Across the universe – a mental travelogue

(This post is inspired by something I saw earlier today on another blogger’s site. So thanks, storiesbyfrances.)

Whether writing or doing photography, one of my personal goals is to look beyond what is right in front of me, to see objects at levels beyond their macro existence (how metaphysical is that). Given time and attention, patterns form, images present themselves, thoughts meander, reality becomes flexible.

Below, I’ve posted photos taken while traveling through British Columbia last year. I was going to tell you what I saw, but instead have decided to ask you what you see in the images, if anything. For the sake of the wondrous places I visited, however, I will tell you where the photos were taken.

(Botanical Beach, Vancouver Island)


(Botanical Beach, Vancouver Island)


(China Beach, Vancouver Island)Image

(Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island)


(Tofino, Vancouver Island)


Don’t forget to let me know what you see.

I don’t care if we agree; in fact, if you see something I didn’t, then my universe becomes that much larger.

5 thoughts on “Across the universe – a mental travelogue

    • Thanks.

      You got the materials right, but do you see anything beyond the materials?

      Do the patterns and colours elicit any emotions or thoughts? Do you see images beyond the hard lines of what I’m showing?

      “No” is a perfectly acceptable answer. It is just an exercise in imagination.

      I’ll give you an example.

      In the whorls and eddies of the last image, I see:
      The chaotic surface of a gas giant planet, like Jupiter;
      The birth of stars as two clouds of interstellar gas coalesce;
      Milk merging with coffee in a cup.

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