Not quite dead – an update

Hey folks,

For those of you who may be wondering, did he lose all of his fingers in a fire, the answer is no, I just haven’t really had the capacity or inspiration to write much of late.

Between a beautiful week in Victoria (as evidenced by the photographs) to a serious chest cold (worst vacation souvenir EVAR!) to moving to a new apartment, I just haven’t had the brain space to put pen to paper (I’m old fashioned that way) for anything more than my screenwriting homework.

I am, however, a writer at the chromosomal level, and so I fully expect to be back in full verbosity in the near future, when I will continue to astound (?), inspire (?), inflame (?) and amuse (??) you.

Until then, I wish you well and say “Ooh, look, it’s a bee!”


New neighbourhood


The Apian Way in Victoria

Hi, my name is Randy, and I am addicted to photos of bees. I think it all started back in 1923, when I took a job as a B-girl in Las Vegas…