Happy Canada Day

Canada Day

It’s time again to express my gratitude for everything that my home & native land has given me, and to wish you all–Canadian or not, here or abroad–a safe and wonderful year.

My only wish is that you all have the good fortune I have experienced and know the love that I know.

Peace be with you all.

Meanwhile, in BC – Canada Day bombast

So, my plans to photograph Canada Day celebrations in the Beaches district of Toronto got high-jacked when I extended my stay in BC with family.

But all was not lost, as I simply pointed my camera into western skies.

See also photos of: Fort Langley/Harrison Hot Springs; Chilliwack; Nanaimo Region

Bird is the Word – Toronto

A few more images from my Canada Day wanderings.

Canada Day relaxations

Thank goodness the Fathers of Confederation picked July 1 as the day to form the Dominion of Canada.

The thought of possibly celebrating on something like February 3 literally sends shivers down my spine and would have kept me from getting any pictures of people just relaxing on the warm summer’s day.